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Network Members on How Student Debt Forgiveness Strengthens Middle Class in Vox

Vox spoke with Tressie McMillan Cottom, Fred Wherry and Seth Frotman and others on the wider benefits of debt forgiveness.

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Zewde and Hamilton Write on Student Debt for the New York Times

Two Network scholars argue cancelling student debt would obtain wide economic benefits.

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Scholars Write Biden to Support Cancelling Student Debt

An Open Letter to President Biden:

Dear President Biden,

We are scholars who study student debt, higher education, and racial inequality. We write to urge you to use your executive authority to cancel student debt as soon as possible. Doing so will address racial debt disparities, provide urgent economic relief for all Americans, further stimulate the economic recovery, and right a series of wrongs….

To see the letter published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, click here.

To add your signature, visit:

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Fred Wherry on Fair Bartering When Resources Are Lacking

Fred Wherry talks to the New York Times about human relationships in bartering during pandemic-era lockdowns.

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Deborah James on the Use of Welfare Payments as Debt Collateral

Deborah shares a report for Black Sash on “reckless lending” in South Africa. See the related coverage at Ground Up as well as new stories and television coverage gathered at Deborah’s book site on Facebook.

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An Open Letter on Student Debt

Educators push for changes centered on student-borrowers in Inside Higher Ed.

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Why Americans Don't Talk About Money

Fred Wherry talks to Joe Pinsker for The Atlantic.

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Credit Where It’s Due: A Book Talk with Frederick Wherry

Fred Wherry speaks at the Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program on his new book on rethinking financial citizenship, co-authored with Kristin S. Seefeldt and Anthony Alvarez.

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Fred Wherry on Credit Card Reform

Aaron Klein and Lisa Servon speak with Fred Wherry for their opinion piece in the Washington Post.

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Debt in America: An Interactive Map from The Urban Institute

The Urban Institute presents a new series of interactive maps of failing auto, medical, and student loans across the US. These maps visualize the geography of debt disparities that reinforce existing wealth gaps between white communities and communities of color.