Comparing and Calculating Your Student Loan Debt

Average cumulative loan amounts vary among bachelor degree completers in the four largest groups of ancestry in the United States.* The widest disparity is $8,710 between Blacks and Asians, for example. In these charts, you can view how your own cumulative student loan amount compares with average loan amounts among these groups. In the loan repayment calculator below, you can explore new paths to financial freedom. For instance, can you refinance your loan with a lower interest rate? How much time and interest would you save by adding a little more to your loan payment each month?

Of course, there are a number of policy changes that could make a big difference to your debt burden. These calculators help you figure out what you might do now, bringing your own personal efforts together with larger public solutions.

*Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States: 2019 Historical Trend Report. Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education. Loan amounts are in 2016 dollars.